HUBBSA – an international research hub (HUB) for biodiversity (B) and sustainable (S) agriculture (A).

HUBBSA is a placed on 80 hectares research hub and experimental farm station completely dedicated to sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and regenerative soil management practices.

The hub is founded by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) on the platform and in cooperation with two experimental farms Demetra and Alkasar (Ukraine) uniquely located in the forest steppe and steppe zones at once, in 100 km on south from Kyiv Boryspil Airport.

HUBBSA is completely backed up with the GreenClinic LifeScience Ukraine research center team and welcomes to cooperation, research projects, deployment, localization and demonstration of green growing technologies.

The hub is completely closed to any chemical compound trials by it’s foundational statement and the ethical principles of the co-founders.